My Special Aflac Duck®

This soft and cuddly companion is designed to reinforce important ways to stay well with sickle cell by associating them with fun and play. The duck also offers methods to help children cope in difficult moments, whether it’s during a pain crisis or in times of unease before, during or after a hospital visit.

The sickle cell kit provides accessories that are specifically tailored for children with sickle cell.

Request ducks or kits for your organization, and one for each of your patients to keep for their very own.

Request ducks for your organization

Families of children with sickle cell can also request a duck directly.

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Medical Play illustration

Medical Play Accessories

The duck is designed to accompany kids in and out of treatment and can be used in medical play. Accessories include a stethoscope, pulse oximeter, syringe, self-adherent wrap and an IV accessory.

Feeling Cards illustration

Feeling Cards

Children can communicate their feelings by tapping one of the 7 included feeling cards to the lights on the duck’s chest!

Soundscape Spaceship illustration

Soundscape Spaceship

Designed with child life specialists and psychologists, Soundscapes™ let children listen to sounds of a forest, ocean, farm or amusement park - perfect for practicing distraction therapy.

Doodle Jacket & Water Marker

Kids can help their duck bundle up by putting on this jacket when it’s cold outside or when coming from a hot summer day into a cool room.

The doodle jacket doubles as an art canvas! Kids can use the water marker to draw directly on the jacket and create their own masterpieces.

IV Clip

This clip transforms the port-a-cath accessory into an IV accessory. Kids can slide the clip onto the duck’s wing to simulate giving their duck treatment.

Duck ID

Kids can fill out this card with their duck’s name and sickle cell type.

Family Guide

This guide helps parents and caregivers best utilize the duck as a tool to help their child learn and cope through play.

Download the Free App

Download the free companion app to extend the duck’s features and discover the duck’s virtual world. With the app, kids can virtually give the duck baths, food, medicine, a heating pad - they can even create music and art!

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Virtual care

Caring for the duck

In the duck’s house, kids can help their duck take daily medicine, stay hydrated, eat healthy foods and use a heating pad.

Coping through play

For distraction or self-expression, kids can visit the duck’s art studio to create their very own paintings!

Art studio

Family focused
from the start

My Special Aflac Duck was designed hand-in-hand with more than 100 children and families, including those with sickle cell, and the medical professionals who serve them at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We hope this duck will help bring comfort and joy to a child you love.